Established 2005 in Columbus, Ohio from the vision of the Founder Jay Money, the Jokers Wrath Motorcycle Club has evolved from the idea of ONE man to many members nationwide representing as ONE.


The name Jokers Wrath was chosen by Founder Jay Money, known for his entertaining and fun loving spirit combined with a punishing vengeance towards those taking his kindness for weakness. The members of the Jokers Wrath Motorcycle Club love to entertain and fellowship with good intentions they also have a zero tolerance for disrespect and ignorance this combination is the Jokers Wrath.


Like the name the colors chosen for the Jokers Wrath (Black, Gold and Plum) come with a meaning. The color Gold represents the Sun and the radiant energy it gives to the world that same energy can be found in every member of the Jokers Wrath. The Black represents the open road and the thrill of riding long into the night. The Plum represents the blood that is shared amongst us.